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The Unique Experience

Whether you have your own idea or want to create something completely unique - we are here for you in your search of the perfect jewelry

Consult and design with an expert

3D printed to life

Worked to perfection by skilled craftsmen


Personal design is perfection. Design your own design with the help of our trained jewelry and diamond advisors.

Expert artwork

We encourage creating outside the box.Experiment with us, sketches, 3D models and printed prototypes lets you get a feel of your piece before it's made directly in precious metal.

Yours forever

Designed by you. Created through modern technology and finished by hand by Sweden's most skilled smiths.

Everyone has a story

Every piece of jewelry is made from scratch, so you can tell yours.

Maria's Engagement ring

Erik's Signet ring

Lars' Cufflinks

Anders' Wedding ring

Elisabeth's Ring

Margareta's Necklace

Karl's Wedding ring

Eva's Wedding ring

Per's Wedding ring

Alexander's Wedding ring

Kerstin's Necklace

Birgitta's Wedding ring

Sofia's Bracelet

Eriksson's Wedding rings

3D printed production

Modern technology, cutting production costs and middlemen opens the doors for new opportunities.


Full creative freedom for customers, designers and manufacturers


70% lower cost


Sweden's most skilled smiths, designers and jewelers guarantee lifelong quality in your jewelry

Tailor in any precious metal

ca. 1 245 SEK



ca. 2 100 SEK


ca. 2 100 SEK


ca. 4 890 SEK