3D Printing

VE AND VILE believes in making your beautiful and sustainable jewelry perfect every time

Through 3D printing VE AND VILE can make your unique jewelry without wasting the world's threatened water supply and using only the material needed in the exact place to make you a treasure that will last a lifetime.

Why We 3D Print Your Jewelry

3D printing generates less waste in creating products by only using exactly the amount of material needed exactly the correct point on an item. Mass-produced jewelry accumulates in warehouses across the globe only to be later melted down without ever having been worn. By only making unique items to specific individual orders we are promoting production for the discerning rather than for the masses. And with that reduction in overall waste we can even make a contribution to saving the waste water used in traditional methods requiring molds.
Best of all we can confidently guarantee the lifetime and quality of your jewelry because of the consistency introduced by 3D printing. We know for every design the exact strength of the prongs holding on to your precious diamond irrelevant of the weather that day or the human factor.

3D Printing Process

A digital file from CAD software or scanned data is transferred into a STL file. The original 3D data is then transformed into 2D layers for printing.
We use an Additive Manufacturing process for our 3D technology. In the 3D printer, a coat of precious metal powder is laid out. The powder is then solidified using lasers into a layer of the jewelry model. This process repeats continuously, melting and solidifying your jewelry, layer by layer, with the use of laser beams.
3D printing works around the clock to finish creating your custom jewelry. Using this form of technology allows jewelry to be produced within a few hours, rather than taking the weeks a traditional goldsmith would require.
At the end stage of 3D printing, the loose powder is carefully brushed away for later use and your creation is ready for polishing!

Traditional Production

Ve and Vile production

96 hours
1 hour
Pockets of air develop, dependent on environment and temperature
Manufacturing errors can occur using traditional methods
Extremely accurate perfectly builds design layer by layer every time!
100% - 200% higher cost
70% lower cost
16 million gallons, per day
Manufacturing errors can occur using traditional methods
Water Usage
Zero gallons.
Water usage is minimized through 3D printing.

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