ve and vile

A story about a piece of jewelry should be simple and transparent.

Ve and Vile were two brothers of the Norse God Odin. They shared a decisive role in the creation of the world. We were fascinated by the myth of the Asar gods and especially VE AND VILE as creators. As part of our Nordic heritage the myth holds a powerful message for us.
"The brothers were said to be the first blacksmiths who fought the giant Ymir and crafted the cosmos from his body."-Nick Nicksan, Co founder Nordic Fables portray VE AND VILE as representative of harmony and balance: contrasting good and evil, bringing the best of both worlds. In other legends we find VE AND VILE depicted as Odin's two different states of mind.
It was the story of Ve and Vile that inspired us to look to our Nordic heritage. It teaches us that anyone can express their ideas and imagination in fabulous jewelry crafted just for them. We made it our mission to help you bring your creativity to life; If you can imagine it, We can design and produce it.

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