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About VE & VILE

VE & VILE'S story

All companies start with an idea and ours was that the design of unique jewelry is too complicated.

We were in the beginning of December when one of us had a great Christmas gift idea for his father. He would make a ring with their family motto and a Persian lion. Christmas came and he had not ordered the ring. He had talked to a smith in person but the choices were limited and came at a significant price. With little time remaining he had resigned to buy another gift. It should not have to be so complicated.

It turns out it doesn't have to. Through 3D printing we found that we could cut costs and offer lower prices as much as 70% while still producing the Jewelry in higher quality.

We started VE & VILE to spread this technology.

By 3D printing the Jewelry directly in Silver, Gold or Platinum and then having the piece finished by Sweden's most skilled craftsmen we can offer the best quality jewelry to the best possible price.

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