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We grow up fantasizing of our wedding day. Some of us have had a mental collage board imprinted in our minds that grew in detail the older we got. Whereas, some of us would have Pinterest boards filled with detailed ideas of how our big wedding day would be picture perfect.

Without a doubt, our society puts a lot of pressure on you finding your "dream dress". A wedding dress that makes you feel like the Queen you are is what we all strive for. However, a wedding dress is only worn for one day, maybe 24 hours if you refuse to take it off.

A wedding dress is important, but what about the ring? The one thing that will be forever wrapped around your finger to remind you of your love and commitment to each other. You will be wearing that ring until the day you die (no pressure). Therefore, it's even more significant to choose a ring that will leave a smile on your face every time you look down at it.

It may be easy to go into a store, buy a ring that looks like a million other ones and is costing double than what it really should be. It's a convenient process and the ring is beautiful, no matter how impersonal it is. What if you could just as easily design and create your own wedding ring? Put in elements and designs that signify your love for each other.

Tips for designing your own ring:

  1. Look at what jewelry you currently own. Do you tend to buy simplistic, edgy or sophisticated jewelry? You will be wearing your own wedding ring everyday, so make sure your design will suit your own personal style. 
  2. Get some inspiration. Using a Pinterest board might come in handy as you look at different ring styles. You will be looking at other wedding rings and elements you like about those rings. Thanks to 3D printing, you can incorporate multiple designs and elements into your own jewelry piece. 
  3. Budget. This is an important and realistic decision you need to make. This will determine what kind of materials you will be able to use for your beautiful wedding ring. The good news is that VE AND VILE offer all of their jewelry at a 70% reduced cost compared to traditional smiths. This is possible through the use of 3D printing and our various options of fairtrade diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanite diamonds, sapphires, stones and metals. 
  4. Materials. Let's start at the foundation of your ring, the actual band material. You can choose from Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Platinum or Brass. You even have the option to mix and match materials. Maybe you would like your wedding band to be made of silver and your setting to be made of rose gold? You have the freedom of choosing what metals you will have on your ring and how they will be used. VE AND VILE offer different kinds of enhancements for your ring. You can choose from our vast diamond selection. We have over a million diamonds in our database that vary from fairtrade diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanite diamonds, sapphires or stones. You can design your wedding ring within minutes on our online Design Studio. If you have a very unique design that needs some special attention, we have 3D artists who can create a 3D model for you. A virtual 3D image will allow you to see your design and every detail within your design in a very realistic way.
  5. Time. VE AND VILE are able to create your custom jewelry within one week. You do not need to stress about the time it takes for your wedding ring to be created, instead you can take your time in designing a ring your truly love and know it will be on your finger within a week!
  6. Have some wine. Your beautiful custom wedding ring is now on your finger. Isn't it stunning? I think you should celebrate the masterpiece you have created and stare at your new favourite jewelry piece.

With love from Stockholm,