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The “setting” of your ring is the top part that holds your diamond. This is a key part in the design of the engagement ring. Would you describe your partner as someone who is a hopeless romantic, sophisticated or desires simplicity in life? The setting of the ring can set the tone and style of the entire piece, which should reflect elements of their personality.

VE AND VILE provide endless options, including our most popular styles of settings: prong, bezel and halo, which are all available in our online Design Studio.

Prong “Simply Falling in Love”

The prong style is sometimes called a “claw”. The original prong design has four/six/eight little claws that will grasp the sides of your diamond. This style is famous for being the most simple, but elegant choice and is one of our best sellers.



A timeless design

Elevates the diamond

Diamond is exposed because of the minimal claws, this allows light to easily shine through the diamond showing its brilliance


Gets caught on clothing

Diamond is more exposed, if you are not careful it can be damaged

Bezel “A Sophisticated Soul”

A bezel design incorporates small circular arches around the outside of the diamond. You can choose from either a half bezel, which means two sides of the diamonds are exposed, while two other circular arches hold the diamond. The full bezel style has a complete, circular beam around the sides of the diamonds.



This design protects the diamond well from damages

More secure than a prong design


Hides the diamond a little more

Less light is allowed to reflect in the diamond

Halo “Glitz and Glam”

The halo style is for those who love the glitz and glam of a wedding ring. There are eighteen smaller diamonds that wrap around your one large diamond. This style also makes a diamond appear bigger because of the smaller diamonds surrounding it. Halo designs are often use with pavé bands.



Securely holds and protects the center stone

Creative contrasts can be designed with a halo of colored metal or gemstones


Resizing can be difficult depending on the number of side stones that line the band

No matter what setting you choose for your custom wedding ring, your design will be sure to catch every eye in the room. 

With love from Stockholm,