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Just like your unique partner, the ring you design should represent not only your love for them, but who you are together. Both of you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your lives and now you have the freedom of designing it together, or why not surprise your love with a custom engagement ring. VE AND VILE provide endless options including our most popular styles of bands: Regular, Knife Edge, Twist and Cathedral, which are all available in our 3D Design Studio.

As your own jewelry designer you will create everything according to your own taste and budget. Do you prefer simple and elegant? Why not try our solitaire designs with a smooth surface or maybe even enhance it with a half-pavé design? If you would like more diamonds on your band, you can choose the ¾  pavé option, which has in total twenty-six small diamonds (thirteen diamonds on either side). If your partner is very active and not as careful with their jewelry, the diamonds on the pavé design can be damaged.

A Knife Edge band is becoming a new trend in the jewelry industry. This style is well suited for an edgy look to your wedding ring. You can also do a pavé style to make this unqiue ring shine even brighter. 

A Twist band has a pattern of twisted ropes around the band. If you are a diamond lover like me and want a variation to this style of band, click on the tailored section in the Design Studio and write what you would like to enhance your band with. My favourite setting for this band is the original prong style but our bezel setting is also a big seller.

The Cathedral band has a smooth surface and at the top of the band, there are two arches that will grasp the diamond. You can enhance the band by having a ½  pavé (six diamonds on either side) or a ¾  pavé, (eight diamonds on either side).

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A simply elegant, Regular band.  A romantic Cathedral band.    Regular band with a ½  pavé enhancement. Knife Edge band. 

With love from Stockholm,