Common Questions

Whether or not VE & VILE is new to you, if you are about to create your first custom jewelry, or make the first purchase of your life: you may have questions before you begin

Below are some of the questions most people ask. Your question not there? Contact Us

  • Unlike regular jewelry stores, every piece of jewelry we produce starts with a whole new idea.

    Because of that, it's hard for us to say what a particular piece will cost without knowing more about what you want.

    The best way to get an approximate price is by contacting us. With just a few questions, we can usually give you an approximate price quickly and easily. Once we have the finer details in place, we can give you a proposal with the exact price. Until then, it does not cost anything to explore your ideas with us.

  • Even though all of our jewelry is uniquely designed using digitilization and 3D printing we can keep costs under control and save up to 70% compared to traditional manufacture - and still provide you with significantly better quality

    By keeping our costs low, we can produce unique bespoke jewelry of heirloom quality at prices comparable to standard items right out of the store. If you buy a piece of jewelry that will be with you for a lifetime (for example a wedding ring or engagement ring) then we can offer the opportunity to own exactly what you have dreamed of but not break the bank in the process.

  • We have a team of jewelry designers and 3D artists, as well as design consultants. When you start a consultation with us, you will be matched with one of our jewelry consultants, who will help you to detail your design, and bounce ideas.

    When your design consultant has the information they need, they will work with our team of creators to produce sketches and renderings of your jewelry based on the information you provide. You get the chance to review the design and provide feedback - and we continue to design until you're happy.

  • Before we produce a preview of your ring in 3D, we need a deposit - the deposit goes towards paying the final price of your jewelry. Should you choose not to proceed and produce the design of your ring, the deposit will be partially refundable - all we keep is a small charge to cover our designer's time.

    In some cases, we can produce sketches of your jewelry to determine the details of your design before moving on. No payment is required for this consultation.

  • Our projects take an average of about 4 weeks from start to finish. It includes a few days to discuss your ideas and tailor the details, produce the design and the 3D models. Around 2 weeks for production, and a few days for delivery of the jewelry to you. Some of our customers are ready to go to production directly, and others choose to discuss their designs for weeks - or even months.

    If you need a piece of jewelry produced for a specific date, it's best if you let us know right away, so we can do our utmost to deliver before this deadline. If your date is shorter than 4 weeks away, we offer an express service that puts your request at the top of the queue and guarantees the delivery date.

    Unfortunately, the minimum time required from submission of a design request is 2 weeks. Due to quality constraints we are not able to guarantee any deliveries under fourteen days.

  • In Stockholm, Sweden, and our jewelry are produced by our 3D printers in Europe and finished by hand by expert craftsmen in Sweden.

  • At the moment, we ship to Sweden and the Nordic region. Do you want us to deliver to you? Start a consultation and ask!

    Please note that all prices are in SEK, and additional shipping costs may apply. Shipping within Sweden is free.

  • We are proud of our production quality and will go a long way to ensure that the jewelry you get is exactly what you want and we will not start the production until we get your approval on all the details of the design.

    Since each piece of jewelry is tailor-made, jewelry cannot be returned for repayment, and projects cannot be canceled when production has commenced. If you are not satisfied with any aspect when you receive the jewelry, please write to us immediately and our team will do its utmost to help you solve the problem.

  • We pack all our jewelry in exclusive jewelry packaging. Keeping your piece safe on its journey to you.